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The name QEST stands for expertise, innovation and flexibility. Since its founding in 2001, QEST has developed into an established company and preferred partner of the in-flight entertainment and connectivity industry. The company is based in Holzgerlingen near Stuttgart and produces customized antenna components, thus offering its customers individual solutions. QEST is a subsidiary company of the DRÄXLMAIER Group, a strong and global supplier of the automotive industry.

The QEST success story

How it
all began

The success story of QEST began with the invention of the superconducting quantum interference filter, an extremely sensitive magnetic field detector. On this basis, QEST developed a dual-band antenna for Airbus in 2005, which was successfully tested in flight. Around the same time, QEST presented itself to the connectivity industry for the first time, drawing great interest at trade shows and industry events.

So it went on

From startup
to pole position

In 2008, QEST teamed up with the U.S. antenna manufacturer TECOM Industries to develop the KuStream 1000, a compact broadband antenna system for connectivity applications. The antenna system was delivered to various airlines, including Southwest Airlines and Norwegian Air Shuttle, among others, by the service provider, Row 44 - today: Global Eagle Entertainment. To date, QEST delivered more than 3000 antennas for this program, a number unmatched by any other manufacturer so far. Today, premier aviation system manufacturers, like Honeywell and Rockwell Collins, are customers of QEST.


Meet requirements


Safety is the top priority in civilian aviation. In order to meet the demanding requirements of the aviation industry, QEST is certified to the EN9100 quality standard for aviation. In addition, all parts and components used in series production are fully traceable with QEST's ERP system. Manufacturing products with outstanding quality is one of the top goals of the entire QEST workforce. This is practiced daily by all employees and also confirmed by the company's customers.

Our company culture

A combined

In the development department at QEST, experts in high frequency technology, electronics, precision engineering, CAD and other disciplines work together in experienced teams. Each employee is able to contribute new innovations and ideas. This interdisciplinary exchange creates a very productive atmosphere that contributes significantly to the success of QEST. The company culture is characterized by open dialogue, mutual respect and courteous cooperation. Flat hierarchies and the resulting short decision paths allow a maximum of flexibility. The affiliation to the DRÄXLMAIER Group also provides a strong market position.

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