QEST presents flat Phased Array Antenna for in-flight connectivity

31. March 2016 New, unique QEST antenna technology offers attractive performance combined with benefits in aerodynamics, weight and cost

Holzgerlingen (GERMANY),March 31, 2016 – Attractive receiving and transmission performance, along with reduced size and weight: These are the benefits of the new antenna technology from QEST Quantenelektronische Systeme GmbH, one of the worldwide leading suppliers of innovative broadband antennas for commercial aviation. 

Up to now, broadband antennas for aeronautical connectivity predominantly use a mechanical steering concept requiring a positioning platform to point the antenna beam to the satellite. This robust and proven design reliably compensates the aircraft movements, thus ensuring an uninterrupted directional radio connection to the satellite, and enabling high receiving and transmission performance levels worldwide. However, this comes with a certain size and associated antenna system weight. 

In contrast to that, the new, flat Phased Array Antenna from QEST features an internal, electronic beam steering concept, which replaces the mechanical positioning platform. This results in an antenna system that is smaller, flatter and lighter. For this Phased Array Antenna, QEST for the first time applies a unique antenna technology that has been specifically developed for aeronautical applications. In addition to that, QEST is achieving another essential breakthrough by integrating the antenna and aerodynamic cover ("radome") into a single compact device, finally creating an optimal antenna system for aircraft. Consequently, a significant reduction of the system cost is achievable. 

These novel Phased Array Antennas, which will be available for utilization in both the Ku-Band and Ka-Band, are an ideal complement to QEST's antenna product portfolio. Depending on his specific application, the customer is able to select the optimum solution: mechanically steered high-performance antennas for global utilization on mid- to large-size aircraft; or lightweight, flat Phased Array Antennas for smaller aircraft or regional applications in temperate latitudes. Even combinations are conceivable in order to further enhance antenna performance within a given construction space. 

"Ongoing simulations and initial tests of our novel Phased Array Technology are producing very good results", says Dr. Jörg Oppenländer, CTO at QEST. "We are planning to finalize a first functional demonstration unit by the end of the year. Series production should start in 2018".

With its diversified antenna portfolio, QEST enables reliable, global broadband connectivity for airlines, supporting high-speed internet and direct TV reception. The excellent performance of QEST antennas allows the utilization of satellite services in the best possible way, thus generating cost advantages: "The required satellite bandwidth represents a large portion of the operating expenses of connectivity", explains Michael Stobinski, CCO at QEST. "The more efficient the antenna system is utilizing this precious bandwidth, the more economical is the overall operation of connectivity services for airlines." 

A model of the new QEST Phased Array Antenna will be on display at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany, 5 - 7 April 2016, at the QEST booth 2C80. The QEST team will also be available there for questions.



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