Global Eagle Entertainment Unveils Revolutionary Broadband Antenna System at Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg

21. April 2015 Global Eagle Entertainment and High Performance Antenna Manufacturer QEST jointly presenting new Breakthrough Global Ku Antenna for Inflight Connectivity

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  • Global Ku Antenna jointly developed with QEST Quantenelektronische Systeme GmbH (QEST)
  • Patented three-axis steering technology provides consistently high performance at all latitudes
  • Best in class performance with current Ku-band satellites and optimized for use with upcoming Ku HTS to fully realize higher speeds and efficiencies
  • Compatible with GEE’s current certifications and future linefit installations


Aircraft Interiors Expo, Hamburg, Germany (April 14, 2015) – Global Eagle Entertainment Inc. (“GEE”) (Nasdaq: ENT), a market-leading media and connectivity provider to the travel industry, today unveiled its revolutionary patented three-axis steering Global Ku Antenna at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany. This antenna is the first in the market to offer truly global Ku-band connectivity, including coverage on both high latitude and equatorial flight routes.


The Global Ku Antenna’s unique three-axis mechanically steered array enables consistent high-performance at a far greater range of elevation and skew angles than competitive systems. Co-developed with QEST, the new antenna is designed to take full advantage of the high-speed performance offered by the upcoming generation of Ku-band High Throughput Satellites (HTS). In addition, the design is compatible with future line fit installations and GEE’s current certifications, allowing for upgrades from the existing GEE systems. The Global Ku Antenna is fully ARINC 791 compliant.


The Global Ku Antenna’s field-proven high precision components provide state-of-the-art satellite tracking capability and consistent signal quality. The innovative QEST panel delivers higher performance and is significantly thinner and lighter than existing designs. This enables the unique three-way steering mechanism, which for the first time allows a Ku-band antenna to operate with consistent performance globally.


“This antenna is truly revolutionary and its pointing system is unique in the market,” commented Aditya Chatterjee, Senior Vice President of Connectivity Systems and Chief Technology Officer at GEE. “Regulatory requirements limit the performance of today's conventional two-axis antenna systems in equatorial areas, whereas flat panel antennas cannot offer sufficient performance at all latitudes.  We’re excited to formally unveil this groundbreaking technology and pave the way for truly global high-speed connectivity to our airline customers.”


First delivery of the Global Ku Antenna is anticipated in mid-2016.


About Global Eagle Entertainment

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